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In this award-winning, international best-selling book, Olivia Jaras, the world acclaimed resume and salary negotiation expert shares with you ALL THE SECRETS to grow the career of your dreams and never undersell yourself again. 

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By the time you're finished reading, you'll know...
  •  How to accurately figure out AND NEGOTIATE for what you deserve.
  • All the insider secrets on how your salary is actually set.
  • ​How to play the negotiation game... and win every time. 
  •  The secret to crafting the perfect resume and cover letter. Hint: It's not about format!
  •  How take advantage of nonverbal communication and influence behavior.
  • ​Just how badly you are underselling yourself... and how to earn way beyond what you ever thought possible! 
  • ​All of the necessary steps to preparing for your salary negotiation.
  • ​How to MASTER THE ART OF PERSUASION so you can show up in your next interview with the confidence needed to land that job!
    "Working with Olivia was the best decision I made in my job search. I was leaving consulting after 10 years and was torn between positions in my industry, and a non-profit that I was intrigued by, but also unsure about. She helped me to realize that what I really wanted was to go the non-profit route, and helped me come up with the strategies I needed to negotiate with them."


    "Thank you Olivia for helping me identify the focus point for my negotiation and giving me the tools to feel confident going into the conversation. These tools lead me to a successful negotiation and will serve me well in many conversations going forward."

    "I was starting to doubt myself in the negotiation, but working through the issues with Olivia gave me the confidence to push for what I wanted. Drawing the line in the sand and asking for more was one of the scariest things I've done in my professional career. At that point I really wanted the job, but also felt like they could walk away if I asked for too much. Instead, the revised offer was actually a little higher than my base salary at the time, with the same bonus, and better benefits. I learned later that standing my ground was seen as further evidence that I was the right person for the job. I'm still in this job, and to say I love it would be an understatement. I'm even happier that Olivia gave me the confidence and tools to ask for what I needed."

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    "A MUST READ for every working woman!!"
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